Sunday, September 7, 2008

BIG News to the Vitamin World!!

Staying healthy in general we know is about keeping our immune system strong – and unfortunately the foods we eat today are sorely lacking in nutritional value – I think we are all aware that the vitamin wars are over – even the AMA stated in 2002 that everyone must take a daily supplement to ensure proper nutrition – but which one?
There are so many to choose from…. Plus it can get frustrating for folks taking a vitamin – many times they really don't feel any difference, right? Well that's because it's not what it says on the bottle that matters but instead what is actually being absorbed for your body to use – and more than that – if we are taking in adequate antioxidants to fight free radical damage – because science tells us that free radicals are the source of most disease and illness.
Well, I don't know if you caught the big announcement on the news – but on August 21st Melaleuca announced to the public their breakthrough scientific discovery called Oligo-Fructose-Complex , that binds the minerals - which is really what our body needs – to organic compounds to mirror the way minerals are found in fruits and vegetables which solves the problem with traditional multivitamins.
What this does is 2-fold. First, it keeps the minerals soluble in the intestine – which is where absorption takes place – in fact our supplements are 9xs more soluble than popular vitamins like One a Day and Centrum. But the biggest part of our announcement is the discovery that traditional vitamin/mineral supplements actually CREATE free radicals in the intestine – wiping out nearly all the antioxidants - all the 'good guys' - leaving our bodies virtually unprotected from free radical damage.
This is a very significant discovery in the wellness industry – Our Oligo-Fructose- Complex is patent-pending and is the first and only supplement that actually guards the minerals from producing free radicals which preserves the 'good guys' so they can be used and absorbed into your body – and it's exclusive to M.
We're so sure you will feel a difference in your health, your energy level and overall sense of well-being that we guarantee it with "the 90-day challenge." Try our Vitality Pack for yourself – if you honestly don't feel better – you can get your money back, guaranteed. That makes pretty good sense, doesn't it?

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Anonymous said...

You need to read the policies and procedures that came with your business kit. It is against Melaleuca's policies to post names of products. They can shut your business down because of this violation.